Bakugan dating game

An alien race called the Vestals (led by their King Zenoheld) invade and colonize New Vestroia, turning the Bakugan back into ball form and making them their slaves for amusement, not knowing that Bakugan are intelligent creatures.One by one the six fighting Bakugan are captured leaving only Drago.Dan Kuso: He is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers.He is a 12-year-old who is always looking for some action.

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In episode 13, he loses to Shun's Skyress but gets revenge.The series started airing on Cartoon Network in the United Kingdom on January 4, 2010.In Japan it airs on the TV Tokyo Network, starting on March 2, 2010. I've uploaded my newest adult 'parody', XXXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS to Newgrounds!To celebrate over 10 years of animated smut, the subject of this animation is Kylie Griffin from Extreme Ghostbusters, the character I used in my very first Flash animation back in 2005.

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