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For every survey completed by those who register, Find A Cure Panel will donate a minimum of to Hep C Connection.

You can complete the two minute profile by clicking the logo below.

Hepatitis A affects people for a short time, and when they recover, it does not come back.

The following will help keep people safe from hepatitis A: Getting vaccinated helps a person's body make antibodies that protect against hepatitis infection.

Hep C Connection is excited to announce an affiliation with Find a Cure Panel where people with Hep C can participate in quantitative online research designed specifically for them.Please note that the registration profile is only used to send the specific surveys to you.FACP doesn't ask for your street address and has no offline contact with you.With over 5 million Americans infected, the Hepatitis C virus is the most common cause of liver disease today.Although it is believed to be primarily transmitted through blood to blood contact, there are indications that other means of contracting Hepatitis C are possible.

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