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The Angel Brigade's original purpose was to discover lost technology, but they end up doing household duties.

one in the north cooridoor one in the med lab one on the windmill (before the training rooms) one on resort planet one on ocean one on ancient and one on Cockadoodle Unfortuely i found them and when i talked to the girl again she ask me to find 8 again donno Why Here's the list of screens where i've found secrets. Angel room Forte's room Hologram room Kitchen Medical center Milfeulle's room Vanilla's room Your room [Ancient Planet] Information Room [Ancient Planet] Outside Building [Area Enigma] Outside School [Area Enigma] Town East [Chickleen] Forest East [Chickleen] Landing Site [Cockadoodle] Theme Park North [Cockadoodle] Theme Park South [Jungle Planet] Landing Site [Ocean Planet] Inside Resort [Ocean Planet] Island Beach [Resort Planet] Town Area • Moshi Monsters cheats, Android • Plants vs.

I haven't played that game in quite a while, and I'm not about to start again to find 1 little item if I can't remember.

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The first game in the Galaxy Angel gameverse was announced as an epic Dating Sim meets Real-Time Strategy game, to much applause and …Galaxy Angel Sim Date RPG Cheats.

The goal of a dating sim is to raise your Relationship EXP with characters and after falling in love, to have a happy ending with them.

Raising your Relationship EXP can be done by talking to them, giving them gifts and going on dates.

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Her luck puts the three angels in many close calls before defeating the assassins.

It's loosely based on the "Galaxy Angel" anime series, although the characters in the game are at best caricatures of those in the Anime version.

There are some hints and cheats that can make the game a little easier to play.

Enjoyed the art and the battling Galaxy Angel, the comedy space anime, was originally based off a series of Space Opera Dating Sim games published by Broccoli that dealt with Commander Tact …Galaxy Angel Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. There are respective mission guides for Zettai Ryoiki no Tobira, Mugen Kairo no Kagi, and Eigou Kaiki no Toki (more yes yes yes vash the fucking stampede baby vash the fucking stampede! i would've given this game only 4 stars but vash makes it worth 7!

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