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However, it was resurrected in 2013, after Amaya purchased Crypto Logic.

The second closure of Playboy Poker is likely part of the fallout from Amaya’s purchase of Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker.

If players have funds on the site, they are advised to withdraw them within 30 days of the closure by contacting [email protected]

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“That was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do,” she said in an online video. The Playboy Mansion is still hosting wild parties, and the Playboy magazine is still being bought (for the articles! But Playboy Poker is shutting down for the second time in its history, announcing that Monday would be the final day of operation for the latest incarnation of the poker site.The original version of Playboy Poker was closed in 2009 after being operated by Crypto Logic.A word of caution: the law is changing in this area, and the specific facts of each case make a huge difference.Explore the award-winning storytelling work of Magnum photographers here, or head to Magnum Pro to search and license photos from Magnum’s acclaimed image archive.

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