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People automatically become defensive when they hear someone beginning with negatives, such as criticism or complaints.

But if the same comments were preceded by a compliment, people would be vastly more open to consider what they are being told.

For example, a wife might be very upset with her husband for forgetting to clean up the living room, and the husband may read this in her expression (e.g., huffing while she picks up trash) or nonverbal cues (e.g., slamming the pillows on the couch) even though she may say nothing about it to him.This communication mismatch means that somebody’s going to end up frustrated and annoyed.Occasionally it’s a matter of differences in personality.Attacks tend to begin with "you" statements, such as "You are? Sarah felt that her husband, Zev, was very stingy about giving monetary gifts to their married children.She felt he was selfish when he insisted that he wanted to keep his money for himself.

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