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The majority of monks that youll meet in Bhutan will likely have come from poor, rural backgrounds where parents offer their sons into a lifelong service in the hope that an education on a respected path represents a better future.Learning about Buddhism and monks in Bhutan is a great idea for not only discovering one of the bedrocks of Bhutanese society but also for avoiding an ecclesiastical faux pas that could result in, at best, nervous tittering behind hands or, worse, deeply upsetting your hosts.Mahayana Buddhism is as neatly interwoven into the lives of Bhutanese people as the silken threads of a thongdrol tapestry where liberation through seeing provides travellers with a rather apt motto to borrow for their own personal passage of enlightenment whilst on holiday here.Nothing beats the thrill of entering a temple or monastery for the first time, observing or interacting with monks going about their daily chores or simply enjoying their time off from teachings. At the Diageo Bar Academy we provide courses that teach you new skills, maximise your potential and put you in touch with industry experts.

Rinpung Dzong in Paro, Tango Monastery in Thimphu, and Nalanda Buddhist Institute overlooking the Punatsangchu River in Punakha, all offer travellers a uniquely personal account of Buddhism in Bhutan with no trip complete without hiking to Paro Taktsang, also known as the Tigers Nest.

Bhutans Gross National Happiness ethos extends to cultural travellers wishing to expand horizons en route to precariously positioned dzongs (forts) and enclosed monastic courtyards.

Spring and autumn are tsechu (festival) time, culminating in a kaleidoscope of costumes, masks and dramatic dancing.

In October last year, Jane achieved her dream and was crowned Master Bartender 2015, making her the first female bartender to emerge as winner of Master Bar Academy programme (MBA).

We caught up with Jane to find out how it feels to win, her plans for the future and what advice she would give to any would be bartenders out there.

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