Update statement in ms access jdbc not updating the row

The package contains classes that represent RDBMS queries, updates, and stored procedures as thread-safe, reusable objects.

See Section 19.6, “Modeling JDBC operations as Java objects”.

2)Click Add button and select the driver Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb).

6) Restart your compiler and compile your java code.

On both servers, the database, schema and table names are the same. Don't want to set up linked servers, as they will only connect on a scheduled basis to perform updates.

Other queries such as insert work, as well as update OPENDATASOURCE( .

This is the Main class where there's a button that says update and when clicked will lead to another class called Update Booking_Run() As you can see in the code above, I set sqldate as static mainly because it worked with updating string on my other classes but I just cant seem to update Date. Ucanaccess Prepared Statement.execute Update(Ucanaccess Prepared Statement.java:261) at interface System. Lightweight Dispatcher.dispatch Event(Unknown Source) at

Ucanaccess SQLException: data exception: invalid datetime format at net. Lightweight Dispatcher.process Mouse Event(Unknown Source) at

The table shows what actions Spring will take care of and which actions are the responsibility of you, the application developer.' and a space ' ' characters -Fixed bug with APPEND or UPDATE access queries which used a variable of type TEXT as paramenter -Fixed naming-conflict bug that could have effect when updating tables with the same name and a different structure from multiple databases connections Ucan Access 3.0.5 Release ====================== -Fixed major bug on single-precision numeric column management: in particular conditions it could cause misalignment between hsqldb mirror and access db -Enhanced DDL(Create Table) compatibility with Prepared Statement for use with other ORM tools -Fixed bug on keyword "ROW" (it wasn't listed as keyword) -When using the net.Ucanload Driver and the loader.jar, the setting -DUCANACCESS_HOME=D:1\UCan Access-3.0.1-bin is no more needed if the of your classpath is picked up directly from a standard ucanaccess distribution (i.e.Once you start using one of these approaches, you can still mix and match to include a feature from a different approach.All approaches require a JDBC 2.0-compliant driver, and some advanced features require a JDBC 3.0 driver. See Section 19.2, “Using the JDBC core classes to control basic JDBC processing and error handling”, Section 19.4, “JDBC batch operations”, and Section 19.5, “Simplifying JDBC operations with the Simple Jdbc classes”.

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